Complaints about speeding traffic

We have received some complaints about football-related traffic speeding down Park Lane and putting pedestrians and their pets at risk. We have raised the complaint directly with the footballers and their manager has brought the issue to the attention of the Summer League. We hope that will improve the situation.

We have taken a few direct actions ourselves. We have put up a (temporary) sign at the entrance to Park Lane which will ask traffic to slow down on match evenings. We have added a similar sign to the sports field gate, which players and spectators will all see as they leave the field after a match.

We have brought the issue to the attention of Derbyshire County Council, with a view to perhaps providing traffic calming measures on Park Lane. This will be pursued in due course as their Issue Number F583199.

We have also strimmed some of the passing areas on Park Lane which have become rather overgrown this summer.

We hope the issue will now go away, but if it doesn’t, please report any further football traffic-related problems to us via the Contact Us page. If you consider the issue to be serious, please also consider reporting it directly to the police.